What we do

Blonde is a Californian x Australian hybrid, formed by the creators of @StreetArtGlobe and @Urbanspoon. We travel heaps to seek out the yummiest and freshest stuff across the world. The Network represents our collaborations, activations, and partnerships across our brands.

The network’s videos are watched more than 2.5 billion times a month. With a massive following across our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube platforms, our network’s content and engagement is 100% organic with a penchant for virality. We’re currently ranked as the seventh most-viewed media company in the online sphere, behind the Walt Disney company in fifth place, and in front of US media giant Comcast in eighth.

Considered authorities in travel, food and art, our campaigns offer an opportunity for brands, destinations, and producers to capitalise on our global following in first-to-market collaborations. The Blonde's anonymous directors and their international team of content creators design bespoke collaborations to engage new audiences with interactive campaigns.



Instagram: 7.1 million
Facebook: 4.2 million


Instagram: 435,000
Facebook: 81,000

The Blonde

Instagram: 49,100



Our team specialises in the conceptualisation, and implementation of branded campaigns. We produce end-to-end strategies and provide comprehensive social analysis throughout our projects.


Our in-house multidisciplinary team of copywriters, videographers, and art directors, paired with our massive foodie, travel and artist networks, enables us to produce novel, customised campaigns in high quality.


The Blonde is playful 😋. Our Network's brand recognition has given us a community of keen influencers and foodies that collaborate to represent our brand worldwide, including muralists, musicians, animators, illustrators, and numerous sweethearts in the culinary scene.


As authorities in food, travel and art, we are able to launch accounts in this space. We have a strong track record of creating 1k-50k followers per month for several brands, including: individual artists, galleries, hotels, restaurants, tourism bureaus and destination accounts.


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Celebrity Influence and Following

We are followed by several of the most influential artists, musicians and personalities in the world. Their regramming and hosting our content has further cemented the ‘virality’ of The Blonde’s network.

Chris Brown
44 Million Followers
Wiz Khalifa
21.1 Million Followers
Nick Jonas
15.5 Million Followers
Chloe G Moretz
14.8 Million Followers
Ricardo Kaka
14.2 Million Followers
Eliana Michaelichen
13.6 Million Followers
Iker Casillas
12.7 Million Followers
Grazi Massafera
12.6 Million Followers
Candice Swanepoel
12.2 Million Followers
Taraji P Henson
12.1 Million Followers
Gordon Ramsay
4.4 Million Followers
Gwyneth Paltrow
4.3 Million Followers

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