StreetArtGlobe and its network partner Urbanspoon travelled to Hong Kong to document everything to see, eat, and do, to promote the city as an arts and culture destination. In partnership with the Hong Kong Tourism Board (@discoverhongkong), StreetArtGlobe travelled across the region on full, day to night itineraries, documenting the visit across instastory and daily posts.

The campaign was timed to coincide with StreetArtGlobe’s coverage of Art Basel Hong Kong, Secret Walls, and the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Coverage included visits to some of Hong Kong’s most known and best hidden cultural gems, such as the Giant Buddha, Lion’s Head Rock, Choi Hung Estate, and Ocean Park. The campaign content was seen more than 56,000,000 times, received over 1,105,000 likes, had more than 16,000 comments, and we managed 5000+ DMs. @discoverhong’s Instagram account grew 17,100 followers over our campaign.